So you have an idea for a product?


Maybe you’re not sure where to start, or what to do next.  Quite possibly you’re finding it all a bit overwhelming. (I know I did!)


Wherever you are, I can help.  Some of the ways I can work with you are listed below.


I can also support you with any of the practical elements you might need help with, such as product sourcing, writing product descriptions or getting set up on marketplaces.

Not sure what you need?  Nothing here quite fits?  Book in a free 20 minute call and we can talk it through and come up with some options that work for you.

Power Hour - £75

What you get...

An hour's call you can use as you like:

  • Ask me any questions

  • Share your progress

  • Get input on your ideas

  • Agree on next steps

Online courses 

What you get...

  • A taster course that goes through how to test and validate your idea before you move ahead

  • A full course that takes you through every stage of product creation

1:1 Coaching - £700

What you get...

  • We'll get together, for an hour a week (via Zoom) for 8 weeks

  • I'll coach you through the product creation process and provide resources to help you

  • I'll be available for email support between calls

  • At the end of our time your product should be in production and you'll be planning out the launch


Not exactly what you need?

Just let me know and we'll work out a solution that's right for you.

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